Customer references in alphabetical order

Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd
Design verification of small pressure vessels
(EN13445, ASME, AD2000 Rules)

Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA
Design verification of pressure vessels for human occupancy from several diving systems for certification(EN13445, ASME, DNV-Rules)

FLSmidth MAAG Gear AG
Support in redesign and drafting due to personnel shortage

Novita Engineering GmbH
Support in calculation tasks and simulation due to personnel shortage

Rotor Tool GmbH
Calculations of clamping force, strength and life time of diaphragms for pneumatic chucks

Tresch + Kieliger Engineering GmbH
Support in calculation tasks due to personnel shortage

Tyrolit Hydrostress AG
Design verification of a drill rig for use in a nuclear power station (decommissioning)