In all branches of industry, a large variety of tasks arise when realizing simple and complex projects. For reasons of strategy, personnel, schedule or costs, many companies prefer to entrust some tasks or the whole project to external professionals.

KNOEPFLI INGENIEUR-DIENSTLEISTUNGEN was established in January of 2007 as sole proprietor company to offer engineering related services in order to perform some of these tasks or realize complete projects.

In 2015  the sole proprietor company was transformed in a limited liability company (Ltd.) with the same goals .

At KNOEPFLI INGENIEUR-DIENSTLEISTUNGEN, quality and precision have the highest priority during the cost-effective and on-schedule completion of a project.



The following principles guide all activities of KNOEPFLI INGENIEUR-DIENSTLEISTUNGEN:

Quality: the signature of KI. The customer's needs and budget define the framework conditions within which KI performs not just as good as needed, but as good as possible.

KI stands entirely behind procedures and result of each project. KI does not participate in any project which (among other things) stands in obvious connection with weapons or war material.

Quality has its price. KI does not want to be the cheapest bidder, but to offer a good price-performance ratio. The prices shall offer a good customer value and allow KI to subsist and to grow moderately, not with a view to maximum profit.

Honesty is the best policy. KI strives to inform and communicate over and above the principle of "need to know" and orients itself on the principle of "has the right to know". Should a mistake creep in, KI wants to talk openly about its correction.

Customer profile

Customer Profile

Whom does KI's range of services address?
  • Companies with personnel shortage in their own design and development department
  • Companies without specific technical knowledge in their own design and development department, which however is needed for the realization of a certain project (e.g. pressure vessel design)
  • Companies who for strategic reasons assign the realization of a project to an external source
  • Companies without a dedicated design and development department who are about to realize a development project
  • Companies without FE-Analysis skilled personnel or with capacity shortage of such
These can be:
  • Other engineering offices
  • Research institutes and departments
    (with focus on combustion and thermodynamic technologies)

  • Companies in process industry or waste disposal with a need for plant, plant components or equipment
    (pressure equipment, devices, jigs, chemical and process plants, etc.)

  • Companies who produce capital goods
    (turbo-machinery, pumps, compressors, elevators, textile, food processing, etc.)
  • Companies who produce consumer goods and have a need in the area of automation, devices or development support
    (automotive part suppliers, household appliances, furniture producers, etc.)

  • Companies with special products
    (Medical engineering, manipulators, robots, vehicle construction, etc.)



Strutured procedures , clear targets and regular verification of progress and target orientation on one side; experience, knowledge and the will to attain these targets on the other side are the key for a successful project execution at KNOEPFLI INGENIEUR-DIENSTLEISTUNGEN.

Ablaufschema Entwicklungsprojekt
Ablaufschema FE-Analyse



KNOEPFLI INGENIEUR-DIENSTLEISTUNGEN was established in Jan. 2007 as a one-man firm, and it is still today.
Alfred Knoepfli

Planning, calculations, design, drafting
Mechanical engineer / Member of Swiss Engineering STV